First live image of ZTE Axon 40 reveals an improved under-display camera

ZTE is a pioneer in the mobile industry when we talk about under-display cameras. We are eagerly expecting the Axon 40 smartphone which will introduce the third generation under-display camera solution, and an alleged live image just surfaced online.

A leakster posted a live shot of the front on Weibo, revealing the area where the camera sits is practically indistinguishable from the rest of the panel. Reports are the screen will have 1440p resolution (wrongly called 2K by some makers), which is a step further from the AMOLED of the Axon 30 and nubia Red Magic 7 Pro.

First live image of ZTE Axon 40 reveals an improved under-camera display

The small area of the display that is over the camera has rearranged pixel structure to achieve the seamless effect. The difference from previous-gen panels is instead the pixel density will be increased to Full HD equivalent.

The image also reveals the AMOLED panel will have extremely curved sides that practically hide the bezels on the left and right, while the top one is as thin as it can get. The new panel is also rumored to have PWM (pixel-width modulation) dimming.

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