iPhone 11 Price in Kuwait

iPhone 11 price in Kuwait starts from KWD 174.900. The lowest price of the iPhone 11 is KWD 174.900 at Best Al-Yousifi.

Check the price table below.

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iPhone 11 Price in Kuwait







KWD 199.900



KWD 167.500

Best Al-Yousifi


KWD 149.900

Best Al-Yousifi


KWD 179.900

Best Al-Yousifi


KWD 224.900



KWD 169.900


GSM850, 900, 1800, 1900
CDMA800, 1900
WCDMA850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100
CDMA2000800, 1900
LTE700, 800, 850, 900, 1500, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2600
HSPA Speed
Up to 42.2 Mbps
Up to 5.76 Mbps
LTE Speed
Up to 1200 Mbps
Up to 221 Mbps
DisplayPrimary IPS LCD 6.1″ 1792 x 828 pixels 16M colors
326 ppi, Scratch-resistant glass, Oleophobic coating, True-tone, Wide color gamut
CameraPrimary12 MP + 12 MP 4000 x 3000 pixels Quad-LED flash
F/1.8 – F/2.4 aperture, Sensor model: Sony Exmor RS, Sensor type: CMOS, Autofocus, Continuous shooting, Digital zoom, Optical zoom, Digital image stabilization, Optical image stabilization, Geotagging, Panorama, HDR, Touch focus, Face detection, White balance settings, ISO settings, Exposure compensation, Self-timer, Scene mode, Macro mode, RAW, Night Mode, 6P lens, Phase detection
Video3840 x 2160 pixels
[email protected]/30/60fps, [email protected]/60/120/240fps, HDR, stereo sound rec., Slow motion video, Time lapse
Secondary12 MP 4000 x 3000 pixels
[email protected]/30/60fps, [email protected]/60/120fps, gyro-EIS, TOF 3D camera, Senzor type: CMOS BSI (backside illumination), Aperture: f/2.2, HDR, Burst mode, Auto image stabilization
CPUChipsetApple A13 Bionic (7 nm+)
MemoryRAM4 GB
Internal64, 128, 256 GB
Memory CardNO
OSSystemiOS 13
GeneralSIMNano-SIM, Single-SIM
Dimension150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm
Weight194 g
Released2019, September
Announced2019, September
Price in KuwaitKWD 174.900
Colorsblack, product red, yellow, purple, white, green
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 Proprietary reversible connector, Mass storage
WI-FI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/a 1
BluetoothYES 5.0 A2DP, LE
FeaturesSensorsProximity, Light, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Barometer
Waterproof IP68, Up to 2 m for 30 min
Dustproof IP68
Shock resistantNO
BatteryCapacity3110 mAh Li-Ion



Let’s find out!

The iPhone 11 was released back in September of 2019, which if I can say from personal experience feels about an eternity ago.

When it was released it came with a few notable upgrades and new features to the iPhone lineup that made it a particularly amazing little device and I would say that this was the iPhone that solide into being an “iPhone person”.

You know what even all this time later now in the future of 2022 you should totally buy one so why is that let’s find out.

No kidding, I love the iPhone 11. Like I said before the foresing this phone I had the iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone XR but I still dabbled around and never really considered the iPhone to be my perfect sort of phone.

I hadn’t even planned on buying an iPhone 11 but you know what I am very glad I did as it’s been a couple of years since we’ve even thought about the specs of this phone let’s quickly go over them before I start laying out the reasons to buy it.

The iPhone 11 comes equipped with the a13 processor for comparison’s sake the latest iPhone 13s have the a15 processor. It has a 6.1-inch liquid retina display.

Dual wide and ultra-wide-angle cameras have 64 gigabytes of storage at the base and they’ve reported 10 hours of battery life all in all that’s not too bad normally.


Here I also mentioned how much that base model and higher-end storage options would cost but I’m going to keep that in my back pocket for a second.

Because spoilers alert: it’s like the main reason to buy the phone and the first reason you should buy the iPhone 11 in 2022 or 2023 I guess. 

If you’re reading this a year from now you can buy these for far less than anything else in the apple system barring the iPhone SE.

I would highly recommend the iPhone 11 over the SC but if you want to see more specifics and more comparisons on that’s in that’s own separate article.

It’s not what we’re talking about today whether you are looking on the renewed store or the refurbished website you can find the base model iPhone 11 for around KWD 198.99. 

Specifically, that’s 189.99 for Xcite or KWD 195.99 for Best Al-Yousifi and that’s a fantastic price for such a powerful phone. I want you to keep in mind that the price of this phone is the building block for all of this cool stuff that we’re going to talk about.

But a single price point doesn’t tell the whole story. What does the current low-end iPhone cost if we were going to buy that brand new instead of this?

Well the current cheapest iPhone that you can get is the iPhone 13 mini and that will run you KWD 243.500, but this isn’t a mini phone it’s a mainline offering so the next best comparison would be the iPhone 13 regular which costs KWD 249.900. Pricing in Kuwait has always been weird for iPhones.

So you have to pay more to get the 13 versus the 11 and That’s a ton of money.

Yes, I have a bad habit of seeing prizes like this and saying, that’s not all that much my laptop cost blah blah blah blah KWD 200 is a metric crap-ton of money.

If you are a family looking to get connected, that’s two iPhone 11s versus one iPhone 13. That’s like, that’s what my rent used to cost and I could end the video right here. I mean, I feel good about that message as it is the phone isn’t that old, and like we’ll see soon it has a ton of value and life left in it but there are a few other things I’d like to talk about here.

In terms of cost to performance, the price of the iPhone 11 in Kuwait is justified.


So the next reason to buy it is the processor.

Well okay, yes the processor, but more what the processor represents like.

I said in the specs the iPhone 11 comes with the a13 chip. While this is a six-core CPU with a four-core GPU that can rival desktop processors from the year before its release.

Power on a cell phone is only worth so much right if I can make my calls text my blue bubbles and watch youtube videos and read this awesome article. 

What else do you need? Well my friend I’m glad you clicked on this article because I’m going to tell you.

You need relevance, that’s the unique thing about apple iPhones is. They are relevant for far longer than any other phone by any other phone maker out there.

When I say relevant I don’t mean, hey look that celebrity used the same phone that I do when I got caught in tabloids or whatever.

I mean it will be up to date with operating systems security patches and all sorts of upgrades for far longer than anything else.

I did the math on this, but I want to transport it over here because I think it is a very good way to demonstrate that the iPhone 6s has the a9 chip inside of it.

You might be Gary why are we now and why are we talking about the a9 processor chip.

Well, the iPhone 6s is the oldest phone to get ios 15 and that was its seventh year of software support that phone has received.

If we extrapolate that out to the a13 and the iPhone 11 we should see the same seven years of support here so that would push the rough lowest end expected life for this phone to 2026.

That’s four years from now! There are brand new phones that will be released this year that will not be supported that long. That’s also taking numbers from an a9 processor.

I assume that as Moore’s law slows down and updated processors are having less and less astronomical improvements over time, I would expect the lifespan of these phones to stretch out.

I don’t have hard numbers or proof of this but I would be surprised if the a13 wasn’t relevant for a decade.

Seriously, I could easily imagine 10 years of support for this phone that pushes you out to 2029 for updates.

Sure the new iPhones will go out even farther than that but having a phone that gets all the cutting edge technology for even those four years there is no one else that will provide that to you and a serious reason from a practical and economic standpoint to buy the iPhone 11.

I mean, that price and then relevance for that long it’s like after every one of these sections we could end this article.

In terms of performance, the price of the iPhone 11 in Kuwait is justified.


The next reason you should still buy the iPhone 11 is the cameras.

I don’t know about you and I Mean I don’t know about you literally because you’re on the other side of this screen. I’m looking at a screen right now but for me, my phone is my family camera.

This is not a brag just a statement of fact but I have a ton of “professional camera” equipment and I only use that equipment for creating work-related videos.

I rarely break it out to do anything with the family because it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s just a pain in the butt to use.

My phone is my actual family camera and the iPhone 11 has fantastic options.

These might not be at the same crazy level as the iPhone 13 variety but I think you’ll be able to use this to great effect.

The two main reasons I purchased this back in the day was the ultra-wide camera on both ends of this phone and those are just fun pictures to take.

You might not use ultra-wide pictures all the time and they don’t work for everything but they’re just a ton of fun.

For selfies, if you are running any kind of social media presence you end up taking a lot of selfies.

But if you use the regular wide-angle camera it always ends up being like just your face and that’s not exactly the best, especially if you’re trying to do a portrait selfie and then it has to crop in a little bit more, and then it’s just like your eyeballs and your nose.

The ultra-wide-angle camera helps out with that a bit giving you far more context to what you’re doing unless you have very good interpretive eyebrows.

Can I do any kind of interpretive eyebrow stuff? Let me try…… I can’t see I don’t think so but, unless you’re good with that this is probably the better option.

You can also do 4k 60 frames per second recording and 1080p 240 frames per second recording. 

That’s what everyone wants right? For non-video people that just means you can slow it down in the post and you won’t have any weird frame choppy issues.

It doesn’t make the video better to have more frames in it, I guess depending on who you ask.

In terms of cost to Cameras, the price of the iPhone 11 in Kuwait is justified.


The next reason to still buy the iPhone 11 is accessory support, because this phone has been out for almost 2 years there are a ton of first-party and third-party accessories that you can buy, and still, because it’s been out for that long time, a lot of these accessories can be found for awesome prices and that’s the best part. 

You are buying something slightly older you get the phone for way cheaper and everything else about it comes cheaper too.

I’m all about having a case on my phone because I drop my phone a lot.

I take my phone while running all the time and chances are when I’m done and walking home it’s gonna get caught in the pocket of my shorts and fall to the ground. You might think that that’s a weirdly specific thing that wouldn’t happen very often but it happens darn near once a week.

I don’t understand why but my arms and my shorts are so in sync that it often causes me to drop my phone this is the case for my actual iPhone 11.

I assume it spent more time on the ground than actually in my hands don’t judge me.

I seriously skipped a second. I have no idea how this happens to me so often. 

I now walk back from my runs with my arms somewhat outstretched because I dropped my phone so many times, so I just put a case on my phone.

In terms of Accessory support, the price of the iPhone 11 in Kuwait is justified.


Another reason to buy the iPhone 11 is its battery life.

Now it’s not that the battery life is fantastic in and of itself 10 hours is good but the new phones have like 20 plus hours of life and that’s the crazy stuff I’ve ever seen.

 It’s just that the iPhone 11 has much better battery life than other phones that you could get for the same price the iPhone SE 2 is a great phone and I don’t understand why it gets so much hate but it does leave something to be desired in how long it can stay on.

The iPhone 13 mini which again costs almost double what this does has essentially the same battery life I don’t know why the streamed versus regular playback is different but essentially it’s the same and that’s pretty good.

Again for any android phone well it’s at worst comparable to those and like I said an android phone released at the same time as the iPhone 11 probably has already hit its end-of-life updates, so does it matter what its battery life is?

Back to battery life, it’s pretty good and even three years later my battery still has 90 health which while yes I wish we could replace these ourselves, and hopefully here in the future, we’ll be able to with apple’s new repair program.

But that’s not bad and it’s usable all this time later and there is no 5g option so you don’t have to worry about killing your battery life too or driving up the price of the phone it’s like a win-win.

In terms of Battery life, the price of the iPhone 11 in Kuwait is justified.


The last reason to buy the iPhone 11 in 2022 is the screen. 

The screen is good, yes much like battery life. The highest end of the iPhones now have faster refresh rates and like million-to-one contrast ratios but this looks amazing to this day and way better than what the iPhone SE or other budget apple options look like.

It has a slightly wider and more aggressive notch than what we see today and while it does look a little slower to my now adjusted promotion eyes.

It doesn’t matter because this display is amazing I think apple really started going into overdrive with their display tech starting around the time of the iPhone 11 and you will not be disappointed here. 625 nits of brightness mean you’ll be able to see this everywhere and the screen is big enough that even my rapidly aging eyes can still make out all of the text that I need to see.

Look, the iPhone 11 is a straight value-added I didn’t realize this myself until we did that iPhone SE 2 review and I got the chance to break this thing out.

In terms of Display, the price of the iPhone 11 in Kuwait is justified.


Just see how much you can buy these for today. It’s a highly capable and highly budget-friendly phone that is the best budget phone that I think you’re gonna find.

It’s better than the stuff that’s called budget and it’s cheaper than the stuff that’s called current.

It’s a great little nexus of a phone that will continue to get software updates for years to come from today not just at its release time it’ll get years of updates from today and it will make sure you aren’t breaking the bank to get something legitimately functioning.

I don’t know what else to say this is about as close to 100 wins as I think you’re gonna get but what about you are you still using an iPhone 11.

Let me know in the comments below because I think that would help a lot of other folks seeing that other people are still using it if you like this article and you would like to see other articles like this then subscribe to our mailing list. We have lots of stuff to share with you.

Thanks for reading. See you next time. Bye.

iPhone 11 Price in Kuwait

iPhone 11 (64GB) – BlackKWD 149.900
iPhone 11 (64GB) – GreenKWD 149.900
iPhone 11 (64GB) – YellowKWD 149.900
iPhone 11 (64GB) – PurpleKWD 149.900
iPhone 11 (64GB) – RedKWD 149.900
iPhone 11 (64GB) – WhiteKWD 149.900
iPhone 11 (128GB) – BlackKWD 167.500
iPhone 11 (128GB) – GreenKWD 167.500
iPhone 11 (128GB) – YellowKWD 167.500
iPhone 11 (128GB) – PurpleKWD 167.500
iPhone 11 (128GB) – RedKWD 167.500
iPhone 11 (128GB) – WhiteKWD 167.500
iPhone 11 (256GB) – BlackKWD 224.900
iPhone 11 (256GB) – GreenKWD 224.900
iPhone 11 (256GB) – YellowKWD 224.900
iPhone 11 (256GB) – PurpleKWD 224.900
iPhone 11 (256GB) – RedKWD 224.900
iPhone 11 (256GB) – WhiteKWD 224.900

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