iPhone 11 Pro Price in Kuwait

iphone 11 pro

iPhone 11 Pro price in Kuwait starts from KWD 269.900. The lowest price of the iPhone 11 Pro is KWD 269.900 at Best Al-Yousifi.

Check the price table below.

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iPhone 11 Pro Price in Kuwait





Best Al-Yousifi

IPHONE 11 Pro 64GB

KWD 279.900

Best Al-Yousifi

IPHONE 11 Pro 256GB

KWD 269.900


GSM850, 900, 1800, 1900
CDMA800, 1900
WCDMA850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100
CDMA2000800, 1900
LTE700, 800, 850, 900, 1500, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2600
HSPA Speed
Up to 42.2 Mbps
Up to 5.76 Mbps
LTE Speed
Up to 1200 Mbps
Up to 221 Mbps
DisplayPrimaryOLED 5.8″ 2436 x 1125 pixels 16M colors
458 ppi, Scratch-resistant, Oleophobic coating, HDR10, Wide color gamut, True-tone, 120 Hz touch-sensing
CameraPrimary12 MP + 12 MP 4000 x 3000 pixels Quad-LED flash
Third rear camera 12 MP (4000 x 3000 pixels), F/1.8 – F/2.4 aperture, Sensor model: Sony Exmor RS, Sensor type: CMOS, Autofocus, Continuous shooting, Digital zoom, Optical image stabilization, Geotagging, Panorama, HDR, Touch focus, Face detection, White balance settings, ISO settings, Exposure compensation, Self-timer, Scene mode, Macro mode, RAW, Night Mode, 6P lens, Phase detection
Video3840 x 2160 pixels
[email protected]/30/60fps, [email protected]/60/120/240fps, HDR, stereo sound rec., Slow motion video, Time lapse
Secondary12 MP 4000 x 3000 pixels
[email protected]/30/60fps, [email protected]/60/120fps, gyro-EIS, TOF 3D camera, Senzor type: CMOS BSI (backside illumination), Aperture: f/2.2, HDR, Burst mode, Auto image stabilization
CPUChipsetApple A13 Bionic (7 nm+)
MemoryRAM6 GB
Internal64, 256, 512 GB
Memory CardNO
OSSystemiOS 13
GeneralSIMNano-SIM, Single-SIM
Dimension144 x 71.4 x 8.1 mm
Weight188 g
Released2019, September
Announced2019, September
Price in KuwaitKWD 269.900
Colorsgold, space gray, silver, midnight green
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 Proprietary reversible connector, Mass storage
WI-FI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/a 1
SensorsProximity, Light, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Barometer
Waterproof IP68, Up to 4 m for 30 min
Dustproof IP68
Shock resistantNO
BatteryCapacity3190 mAh Li-Ion
Talk timeUp to 18 h



Let’s find out!


So we get to finally talk about another iPhone that I’m in love with and it’s easily one of my favorite iPhones of all time and even now to this day it is still an iPhone I would recommend you to buy.

I think it’s one of the best-priced iPhones out there it has a ton of capability, a ton of power and it still feels like a flagship you know, and anytime I pick it up it’s such a beautiful phone. I would honestly marry it if I had the choice.


This specific iPhone is called the iPhone 11 pro and it is a 2019 flagship. It wasn’t the most expensive one of that year but it was a very good iPhone and even to this day it still holds up completely. 

Well, now this phone has gone down in value quite a bit so if you want to buy this iPhone or some other iPhones, I’d recommend this year links to buy will be in the table above.

The body of this iPhone is one of my favorite things about this iPhone. Still, It did come at a little bit of a smaller 5.8-inch super retina XDR OLED panel. There’s no 120 hertz but it’s still a very smooth-looking display. 

It has the notch but every other iPhone has it now and when I look at this panel and I look at the iPhone 13 pro panel there are definitely a lot of differences but there are a lot of similarities.

To be honest that it doesn’t have pro-motion it’s still a very good-looking panel and I’m a humongous fan of the way this phone looks for sure.

We do have the lightning port at the bottom which is great we have speakers everything like that obviously on the back though this is the more interesting thing we have a frosted glass back on this phone which in my opinion is one of my favorite things about the newer iPhones.

It actually originated with this iPhone the 11 pro was the first iPhone to bring that type of feature and again this is one of my favorite things about this device for sure. 

We have wireless charging we have IP certification we have a triple camera setup, I mean this phone pretty much has it all and if you still have an 11 pro I would highly recommend keeping it even if you don’t have an 11 pro.

If you have something like an iPhone 10 or an iPhone you know 6s or iPhone 8 going up to an 11 pro is a great way of saving a bunch of money and still feeling like you have a pretty good flagship for sure.

In terms of Body and Display, the price of the iPhone 11 Pro in Kuwait is justified.


So in terms of the outside that pretty much covers it up for the most part now I do want to hit on the cameras because this is still a very fascinating thing. 

The iPhone 11 pro on the back has that triple camera setup. It has a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens a 12-megapixel telephoto lens then another 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor and on the front it has a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens. 

You can do 4k at 60fps videos on both the front and the back of this phone and this is why this phone is so important in my opinion. 

This phone is pretty much future-proofed until apple puts 8k on the front and in the back of this phone’s quality, in terms of resolution, and everything is obviously going to be pretty good. 

Still, the only thing that it’s even lacking is the lidar sensor and you know some pro video resolutions that we can film in on the newer iPhone and quite potentially cinematic mode. 

But even with someone like an iPhone 13 pro in my use case I never use any of the pro features. I don’t use pro raw or pro-res and I don’t even use cinematic mode on my iPhone 13 pro

So this phone has everything I still need on a device the photos it takes are beautiful the videos it takes are still very beautiful and I more recently did a camera comparison between the iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 11 pro and for the most part the photo qualities are fairly similar.

You know the 13s and 13 pros are better but you’re not going to be comparing them every single time. So definitely I would say the iPhone 11 pro’s camera is still very good and has a lot of capability for sure. If you’re somebody who needs to go and pick up you know some type of camera that can still do the job this is for sure a very solid camera without a doubt and I would still highly recommend you guys to pick it up for sure.

In terms of Cameras, the price of the iPhone 11 Pro in Kuwait is justified.


So in terms of that that covers it up there now hitting on the software of this phone, this device is still going to be lasting for quite a long time like I mentioned this phone came out in 2019 and that was just a couple of years ago that wasn’t that long ago, because of that, this phone has a very long future ahead of it. 

It’s not going to be outdated like tomorrow or anything so even if you pick up this phone next year or the year after you are still getting several years of software updates and this is my favorite thing or one of my favorite things about this phone. Because it’s a cheaper value than the newest iPhones but it doesn’t feel like you’re missing out on anything this phone is getting the same-day updates as something like an iPhone 13 pro.

So even though it’s a couple of years older you’re still going to be getting the same updates for the next couple of years. It’s probably not going to last maybe two years less than the iPhone 13 pro but it’s still a very good phone.

In terms of software and I have had very few complaints ever so often. I still use this phone in my second pocket and I really don’t have that much to complain about at all.

In terms of Software, the price of the iPhone 11 Pro in Kuwait is justified.


So in terms of that pretty much covers it up in terms of software now hitting on the performance this is another pretty big asset for this type of iPhone it has that apple a13 bionic chip inside of it with four gigabytes of ram. 

When I use this phone for a full year actually over a year from 2019 to about 2020 in October I had nothing to complain about you know this was a very good performing phone anything I ever needed to do from my device and this thing was able to handle it. I edited a bunch of videos and audio on this phone constantly. I would be opening up apps doing apps like lumafusion and imovie and different applications like that and this phone was a beast. It would be able to handle everything I threw at it and that was on ios 13.

I then updated to ios 14 and this phone was more or less the same it actually handled pretty much everything I threw it there too so really anything I was doing on this phone and anything I did from 2019 to 2020 was used by this phone which is amazing. 

I had a great experience with it and even now on ios 15 this device still sits in a very interesting spot. It’s not the craziest best performing phone but I don’t think that has a lot to do with the iPhone 11 pros hardware I think that has a lot to do with ios 15.

I think there’s been a lot of situations recently where some of these phones will just randomly not perform as well on ios 15. I notice even my iPhone 13 has some issues with ram management but the 11 pro’s performance is still very good when you consider the age and the price of this phone.

If I were you and if I had an older iPhone like an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 7 even an iPhone 10 or 10r and iPhone 11 pro’s performance is still top tier and as I mentioned before I’ve had very few things to complain about this phone.

So even for basic tasks, it’s amazing but even for heavier intensive apps like you know video editing or if you’re playing super intensive video games or something like that on these iPhones you’re not going to be having a bad experience and that’s just honestly the truth you know after comparing this iPhone against all the other iPhones. This has been a very good performing device and this is why I still love this phone for sure. It has a ton of capability, it’s still going to last for a very long amount of time and if you’re in the market I would highly recommend picking it up just because of the performance and the build quality. 

In terms of Performance, the price of the iPhone 11 Pro in Kuwait is justified.


Now ending it off with the battery life this device had a 3046 mah power battery inside of it and basically, that goes to say that this phone’s performance and battery segment is still pretty good for the most part. 

From 2018 to 2020 my use of this phone was perfect I would not even kill this thing in one day this thing could last me like two days easily and that was another big advantage for this device. 

Somewhat of a disadvantage nowadays is that ios 15 has kind of taken somewhat of a toll on this phone it’s not a big deal like I mentioned but it is another thing to keep in mind. 

If I were you and if I needed to buy a phone that had the best type of battery well it would probably be best to wait it out until ios 15 gets a little bit better on ios 14 my 11 pro was actually pretty good.

When ios 15 is taking a toll-like I mentioned but I think it’s going to get fixed throughout time and I wouldn’t even worry about it too much longer.

In terms of Battery Life, the price of the iPhone 11 Pro in Kuwait is justified.


To be completely honest the iPhone 11 pro in my opinion is still a very solid phone to pick up. I think it has so much capability has a ton of quality within it and I don’t really think it’s a crazy big deal if you still have this phone. 

I mean if I were you if I didn’t have this website I would still be using an iPhone 11 pro without a doubt it has so much capability, has so much quality, and that type of phone where you could just go and buy and pretty much move on with your life.

You don’t have to worry about the craziest biggest flagship features that the iPhone 13 pro has.

It would be nice to get a 13 pro but other than that I think this phone is so beautiful it has so much capability and I wouldn’t worry about upgrading.

If you do have this phone but if you do have an older phone like an iPhone 10 or something going to an 11 pro is a great middle ground. I think that the phone has a lot of capability still and I would highly recommend picking it up for sure.

That pretty much covers it up if you guys have any other questions or anything like the hud let me know in the comment section below. Importantly everything else I love every single one of you guys hopefully I’ll catch you guys in the next article.

Thank You!

iPhone 11 Pro Price in Kuwait

iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) – Space GrayKWD 279.900
iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) – SilverKWD 279.900
iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) – GoldKWD 279.900
iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) – Midnight GreenKWD 279.900
iPhone 11 Pro (256GB) – Space GrayKWD 269.900
iPhone 11 Pro (256GB) – SilverKWD 269.900
iPhone 11 Pro (256GB) – GoldKWD 269.900
iPhone 11 Pro (256GB) – Midnight GreenKWD 269.900
iPhone 11 Pro (512GB) – Space GrayKWD 289.900
iPhone 11 Pro (512GB) – SilverKWD 289.900
iPhone 11 Pro (512GB) – GoldKWD 289.900
iPhone 11 Pro (512GB) – Midnight GreenKWD 289.900

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